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About Us

The Winglow brand, established in 1985 to produce uniforms for companies as well as male, female and children's clothes for the local and export markets. The school, Winglow Fashion Academy teaches Fashion Design and Technology, freehand cutting and pattern drafting using unique training modules to give practical hands-on sewing skills within 4 weeks; or Competency Based training in 6 months. Enrolment is from 15 -65 years, providing employable skills to both young and old.

Our Training Courses include;

  • Fashion Design and Technology
  • National Proficiency One (NP1) in Garment Making
  • National Proficiency Two (NP2 ) in Garment Making
  • Interior and Exterior Decoration
  • Business Entrepreneurship

Winglow Fashion Academy is accredited by COTVET and registered with NVTI.

Production of male and female garments( Shirts, Trousers, Dresses, Skirts &Tops, Dresses, African Boubous ,Jumpsuits )Corporate wear & Security Uniforms .

Retail & Online Shop (stocks Winglow Clothes & Fabrics)

Consultancy and Training for the Fashion Industry

Winglow has won many awards both internationally and nationally.

Winglow shop and school are located at #13 Mensah Wood Avenue, East Legon.